A company dedicated to resolving disputes quickly, confidentially and cost effectively, by facilitating mediation assisting participants to navigate conflict successfully.

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Covid 19 Message from Richard Bull JMS senior mediator.

A difficult and worrying time for us all, my associates and I wish you good health and wellbeing. The frustration of not being able to achieve resolution due to the lockdown may be quite overwhelming for some, given the extra thinking time that many of us now have to fill. These unusual times will require alternative thinking to progress all kinds of industry.

Mediation, I believe, generally has better results when participants are able to attend a location for a meeting. That said mediation can take place via Zoom or even via the phone and have successful results. As a police negotiator many of the incidents I was involved in were dealt with via the phone, even by text and had many successful results. In these unusual times I am more than happy to discuss any mediation that can be conducted via zoom or phone whichever participants are more comfortable with. Please give me a call to discuss how we may be able to help. In the meantime, please stay safe. Richard

Stay Home – Protect the NHS – Save Lives

JMS is a firm of mediators and associates. We deal in most forms of mediation and separately offer supplementary support from associates specialising in negotiation and human resource.

  • Civil/Commercial

    JMS can offer all forms of civil and commercial mediation as well as work place and employment mediation.

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  • Workplace Mediation

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  • Associates

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Why Janus Mediation Services

Here at JMS we believe that mediation is a solution to disputes that creates a far better resolution than litigation for many reason.

What are the advantages of mediation over litigation?

  • Mediation is cost effective

    Costs are a fraction of the price of litigation.

  • Mediation is personally satisfying

    It is lead by you, with the guidance of a professional mediator. You help to determine the resolution.

  • Mediation is not statutory

    A decision is never forced upon the people involved

  • Mediation is voluntary

    All participants agree to take part in the process.

  • Mediation is confidential

    it is not part of a public court, and the content of a mediation process cannot be used in subsequent court proceedings.

  • Mediation is quick

    Disputes can often be resolved in a single day.

The JMS approach

JMS is a mediation practice founded by Richard Bull

The JMS practice is dedicated to resolving disputes quickly, confidentially and cost effectively. Mediation rather than forcing resolution upon participants, encourages participants to get involved at every stage of the process — from formulating the problem to crafting the resolution.

The reason for entering into mediation is often monetary, but we know that emotional costs can often outweigh financial resolution. We emphasise therefore the need for emotional resolution as much as financial settlement.

The people at the heart of our mediations are empowered to reach their own resolution with guidance from the facilitating mediator. JMS treats all participants equally and with respect.

Assoissiates with JMS are specialists and experts in their fields and between them can offer advice in several fields outside mediation including Negotiation and Human Resources.