Welcome to Janus Mediation

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I served for thirty one years as a police officer.

As a senior negotiator in the service for over a decade I dealt with every imaginable situation — from kidnap and hostage crises to internal police investigations.

Thanks to this experience I bring well honed skills to the practise of mediation —hard won expertise from out there in the real world. Alongside my police career I have been hands-on director of one of the largest privately owned transport companies in the country. I brought my skills to bear on the complex situations encountered in business — from boardroom disputes, finance negotiations to health & safety cases and contractual issues.

With effective communication and consideration, I believe it is possible to resolve any dispute fairly — with universal human values at the centre of things. I am passionate about the power of mediation — simply because I have facilitated resolution in so many different situations.

Mediation is a potent alternative to costly and often traumatic litigation. My practice is all about bringing together people with diverse skill sets to facilitate a process that works for all parties. Real-world professionalism and rigour is at the heart of everything we do.